Prof. Nick E. Mavromatos

These notes contain a summary of the most important results and concepts covered in the
course CP/3630: General Relativity and Cosmology, taught to the third year undergraduate students of King’s College London Physics Department, during the second semester (January-March)
of the academic years 2000/01 - 2008/09. They were amended in May 2009 by expanding the Cosmology section, based on lectures given to the first year graduate students (Doctorate Programme)
of the department of Theoretical Physics of the University of Valencia (Spain) in 2008,2009. Only
classical aspects of the theory will be covered in the lectures. It should be stressed that these
notes are not meant to be substitutes of a book. The student is strongly advised to follow closely
the books suggested during the course, on which the latter is based. These notes should not be
distributed without the consent of the pertinent Physics Departments and/or the author.